Mitzvah Tank Sponsorship

  • Mitzvah Tank Sposnorship - Rebbe's 120 Birthday Gift 

    Next week Tuesday, Jews around the world will be marking the 120th birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory.

    Throughout the years of his leadership, whenever a big deal was made about a personal occasion, such as his birthday, the Rebbe made it clear that it was not about himself but about bettering the world and making it a home for G-d.

    At the farbrengen marking the Rebbe’s 70th birthday in 1972, he requested a unique birthday "gift" â€" that in the coming year, 71 new Chabad institutions would be established around the world.

    Indeed, by the time the Rebbe’s 71st birthday arrived, the number of new institutions – including synagogues, community centers, schools, and more — far surpassed the original goal of 71. And it didn’t stop there. For years to come, every time the Rebbe’s birthday came around, it was marked around the world by setting new goals for growth and expansion.

    This year, as his 120th birthday on the 11th of Nissan approaches, new initiatives are being undertaken, new institutions are being opened, and new goals are being set.

    We are excited to announce that here in Alexandria-Arlington, we will be celebrating the Rebbe's birthday with having a Mitzvah Tank (Chabad House on Wheels) make its way around town and stop at Metro stops, City Hall, Courthouse and many other populated centers.

    The Mitzvah Tank will be equipped with Passover needs for the upcoming holiday, including hand-baked Shmura Matzah. People will have the opportunity to don Tefilin and receive Shabbat candles and inspirational literature.

    Look out for our Mitzvah Tank on Tuesday, April 12.

    We continue living with the Rebbe’s teachings and guidance, and we will continue giving him the birthday presents he clearly wanted. His influence lives on, including the drive he instilled in us to constantly do more for all of mankind, making the world ripe for the Final Redemption with the coming of Moshiach—may it happen speedily in our very own days.

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