Help a Meis Mitzvah Have a Jewish Burial

  • Help a Meis Mitzvah Have a Jewish Burial

    A 68-year-old Jewish man Saul J. who was a part of the Chabad community in Northern Virginia passed away today. Money is needed to ensure that he receives a proper Jewish burial.

    Please help us perform the powerful mitzvah of Chesed Shel Emes and make sure a beloved Jew is buried according to Jewish law. 

    Please donate before time runs out!

    The commandment of Meis Mitzvah is so important that if one encounters an unidentified Jewish body, he must immediately halt any mitzvah or activity he is busy with until he buries the body.

    The rewards for this mitzvah - a kindness in its purest form and the only mitzvah called a Chesed shel Emes - are unimaginable. Even the kohen gadol, the saintly High Priest whose sanctity didn’t permit him to attend the funeral of his own child, was commanded to bury the meis mitzvah he encountered.

    Total Cost $8150.00

    Cemetery Plot: Donated
    Funeral Arrangement: $3850.00
    Cemetery Open/Close etc. $4300.00

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