Purim in the Shtetel

Courtesy Photos/Henri Ettedgui
Children listen attentively to the Megillah reading (The story of Purim) while watching a simultaneous Purim slide show at Chabad of Alexandria/Arlington Purim party.

“Purim in the Shtetel” was celebrated and in keeping with the Chabad tradition of creating fun and exciting holiday programs for the Jewish community, Chabad of Alexandria/ Arlington hosted its 5th annual Purim around the world party Monday at a hotel in Pentagon City.

Purim commemorates the escape of the Jewish people from annihilation by the ancient Persian Empire, and is celebrated by the exchange of food packages between friends, by giving charity to the poor, by eating a traditional festive meal and by reading the story of Purim from the Megillah, or Purim scroll.

Arielle Guedalia enjoyed the Traditional Purim Gragger at Chabad of Alexandria/Arlington Purim party held Monday in Arlington.

Moshe Newman dressed as the High Priest in the Temple at Chabad of Alexandria/Arlington Purim party.

“It combines ancient Jewish traditions with a modern twist, as we focus on doing interesting and innovative holiday programs, yet still keeping with the holiday theme,” said Rabbi Mordechai Newman, director of Chabad of Alexandria/Arlington.

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