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Free High Holiday Services  
In Keeping with it's motto of "Judaism for all...and all for Judaism" Chabad offers High Holiday Services free of charge. Anyone can participate in our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services typically held at the Courtyard Marriott. Please call us for reservations or you can make your reservations online by
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Chabad Hebrew School 
Chabad's Hebrew School strives to make Judaism vivid and user-friendly for today's child. The Hebrew School experience should be relevant enough to last children a lifetime. Our hands-on style of learning encourages children to be active, rather than passive learners.
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Adult Education  
A full schedule of mid-week classes are given by Rabbi Mordechai and Yehudis Newman, in offices and homes of the participants. Classes are arranged for the convenience of participants, and cover a variety of topics that relate Torah to the issues of everyday life.

Holiday Guides
Chabad Holiday Guides are informational booklets mailed to 4000 homes at least four times per year. They arrive in Jewish homes just prior to each of the major Holidays, and provide each household with the "how tos" of holiday celebration. Inside their attractively designed pages, are the laws, customs, blessings and Chassidic insights appropriate to each holiday. Last year over 15,000 booklets were distributed. For many Jewish homes, these booklets are their only active link to Judaism and the primary source of Jewish education for their children.

Holiday Programming
Chabad organizes public gatherings for every major Jewish Holiday. These include, Chanukah, Tu B'Shvat, Purim, Passover, Lag B'omer, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. At every event there is a special children's program which brings the joy of the Holidays to the little ones.

Jewish Art Calendar
We publish a beautiful Jewish Art Calendar which is sent out before Rosh Hoshana free of charge to our entire mailing list. The uniqueness of our calendar is that each month it offers pictorial renderings, as well as the local Shabbat and holiday candle lighting times and information concerning all aspects of Jewish life and culture, from holiday to history, Jewish laws to customs and traditions. It is our hope that the insights you find here will stimulate you and your family to pursue ever greater knowledge of our rich heritage.  Click here to join our mailing list

Tefillin, Mezuzot, Taleitim
If you or somebody you know would like to purchase a pair of Tefillin, Mezuzot, Taleitim, Yarmulkas, Jewish Prayer Books or any other Judaic items please feel free to e-mail us or call 703-370-2774.

Women's Group- JEWELS
The Chabad Women's Group acts as a catalyst for change in the the Jewish community in order to create an environment more inclusive of and responsive to women, their needs and their experiences. Chabad facilitates this transformation by developing and disseminating innovative rituals and educational programs created by women specifically for women.