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The Bat Mitzva Club has over 300 branches internationally. Its goal is to promote Jewish pride and identity in our Bat Mitzva-age girls as they are the future mothers of the Jewish People. Thank G‑d, the club has been very successful in meeting its goal, as the girls and their parents can proudly attest.
The Bat Mitzva Club of Alexandria-Arlington meets one Sunday a month, from November through June, during the hours of 12:30-2:00 pm. The cost to join the club is $100 registration fee, and $10 per meeting. (Scholarships are available upon request. No Bat Mitzva girl will be turned away due to lack of funds.)
Each meeting includes a full lunch, learning and discussion relevant to the Jewish woman, (which girls will summarize in their special "Bat Mitzva Club Memory Book"), and a hands-on project to reinforce what was just learned to make their experience exciting, relevant, and positive.
Instructors with specialty in certain areas (Israeli Dance, sewing, jewelry making) lead the workshops.
The Shabbaton is the highlight of our meetings. Girls will deliver the Dvar Torah, assist with the actual cooking, set the table, and basically "run the show" (under proper supervision, of course!)
Each meeting revolves around a theme. Such as Jewish heroines of the past and special Mitzvot relating to woman.
Girls leave with a better understanding of who they are and recognize that a Bat Mitzva is more than "just the party", and involves privileges and responsibilities exclusive to the Jewish woman.
Please note, that while we are available to help any Jewish girl prepare for her Bat Mitzva,  the actual celebration can be at the venue of her choice. Participants come from different affiliations and level of observance.
For more information or to sign up: 
Please call 703-820-2770